• Tiffany Sandoval


When you have that to-do list full of things to do for clients, keeping up with your finances is easy to put on the back burner… but keeping up with your finances is important!

Helping do-it-yourself business owners for over 16+years. As  a virtual bookkeeping company providing bookkeeping services to small and home-based businesses as well as corporations and individuals.  We work with clients setting up their QuickBooks (MAC ,Windows & Online), training them, providing immediate answers when trouble shooting and assisting them with full-cycle bookkeeping services, Why use SBS Virtual Bookkeeping service? Do you have a box or file of receipts that you were going to get to? Have you filed a tax extension that is fast approaching and still haven't reconciled your accounts? As your business success partner our #1 goal is to ensure your business success by outsourcing your bookkeeping to us , you are gaining the knowledge and experience of a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. that will provide you a clean , organized & update to date set of books.  Allowing you to make better business decisions as well as ensuring your CPA will receive your accounting files in compliance with IRS standards. ​ The cost of  hiring an employee to handle your bookkeeping is far greater than their salary additional costs to consider :

  1. payroll taxes

  2. medical insurance

  3. pension plan contributions

  4. vacation time compensation.

  5. sick time compensation. 

  6. Overhead: office space/desk/Utilities/ training

We offer a fixed fee service, giving you predictability and consistency in your costs, rather than an unpredictable price based on an hourly charge and our services are a business expense that can be written off at tax time. We will clean-up your books so you have an accurate picture of your business financial health.

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