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California has some of the strictest employment standards in the nation, and all employers must comply with these standards, or pay the price.  How comprehensive is your “new hire orientation” program? Do you have a 30, 60 and 90 Day New Hire Plan? Employees who were properly onboarded also have a much higher likelihood of staying, which keeps your recruiting costs low and productivity high. 


What is  (SHRM-SCP)?  HR professionals who develop strategies, lead the HR function, foster influence in the community, analyze performance metrics, and align HR strategies to organizational goals

New Hire Paperwork

Include the following: 

  1. Company Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy Forms

  2. Company Health Insurance Policy Forms

  3. Company Non-Disclosure Agreement (if applicable)

  4. Arbitration agreement (if applicable)

  5. Orientation/training documents (if applicable)

  6. Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement (if applicable)

Shared Desk


Posters must be displayed at the following places:

  • At each location where a company has employees – offices, stores, warehouses, branches, etc.

  • At employment agencies, hiring offices and union halls.

  • On computers as long as the posters are posted electronically in a conspicuous place where employees will tend to see it

Office Furniture

Independent Contractor Versus Employee

Assistance in Determining Independent Contractor or Employee 


Independent Contractor Reporting

Employment development Department answers questions answered like: Who has to report, what information to report, when do you have to report and how.

Why Work With Me? 

I will utilize my 18yr+ exp. in  HR consulting in multiple industries to ensure compliance and  streamline your Human Resource lifecycle. Hiring me is 100% write off expense v.s. the cost & liability of hiring an employee. You can budget recurring tasks or use my services on an as needed basis.

 If you need to get things done right, within deadline & budget while streamlining your organization's operations, then you need look no further.